The Technical Consultant


Why should I use a technical  consultants?


By working with all the major companies in our areas of expertise  on a regular basis, we have access to pricing market knowledge and levels of face to face account management that you would not necessarily get directly. In addition, by using us, you save yourself the trouble of sourcing these services in the marketplace



Who is the best supplier to use?

As independent consultant, we have no preferred suppliers and match all of them with our customers to ensure we provide an unbiased approach. Every supplier is different and have their strengths and their weaknesses, but we can help you find the right product from the right supplier that meets your needs.



What utilities do you cover?

Our core utilities are gas, electricity and water, where we have the most experience and expertise.



What do I need to do next ?

Just call one of our operatives on 01245 -279028 or email and they will arrange for one of our contract managers to contact you.


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