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Power Factor Correction


One of the  main infrastructure costs is the Reactive power charge which is levied on all customers who are using inefficient  electrical equipment  .


The charges will appear on your invoices under the Kvarh readings and will be charged monthly,however these charges can be eradicated with the installation of Power factor correction equipment.


We at CTM will  identify the level of reactive units you are being charged and recommend remedial action.


The final decision however will be dependant on your plans at the site, with the payback period being dependant on the number of units being consumed.


HV Maintenance


It is a legal requirement to ensure that all High Voltage work has been carried out to a suitable standard and to ensure that the network's condition allows it to function safely in normal operation and to "fail safe" under fault conditions.


We are able to offer, though one of our recommended partners, high voltage  services that include the following  HV and LV switchgear maintenance, HV and LV installations, testing and repairs of existing installations.

Utility Infarstructure Services


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